Stylish, Comfortable and Really Breathable!

For any sportsman the clothing that they wear is very important. Some of my most important pieces of kit are my jackets. The Ashmei Lite jacket is by far the best running jacket I have every owned. It’s very stylish and comfortable to wear and fits perfectly.

Harry Hacket Running

My biggest complaint about other running jackets I have owned is the noise they make when your arms brush past the jacket body when you are running.  The Ashmei Lite jacket has none of that; it is thin and soft to the touch and there is barely any noise at all when you are moving.

Another issue with some of my older jackets is the build up of perspiration while training, they claim to be breathable but are not breathable enough for the kind of training I do. As a decathlete I train for 10 events 5 -6 days a week and I need something that really breathes, The Ashmei Lite ticks all the boxes here, I can comfortably wear this jacket for the whole time that I am training without feeling like I’m in a sauna.  The Ashmei Lite is very breathable!

With all the training and wear that my jacket goes through you would expect it to get really smelly; not this bad boy. Because of the material that is used there is no smell so I literally wash it maybe once every 2 weeks or when it gets dirty. Save on those washing tablets I say!:).

Not only is this jacket all of the above but just look at it. It looks amazing. The style is very slick and has a very trendy zip that has a slight angle on it which makes the jacket in my opinion. My advice would be to get one of these no matter how active you are. Check it out at


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