Back to Hard Work

Last Wednesday we were back in light training after a long week off resting following the National Champs. Wednesday and Thursday were used for some light work getting the body back into the swing of things and Friday and Saturday were more intense with a 400m session Friday evening and 1500m session and gym Saturday.

I am now preparing for Southern Champs at the end of July which will be good fun and may be my last decathlon of the year depending on discussions with my coach after the event.  I have a couple of individual comps coming up along the way which will hopefully prep me for the decathlon.

Chelmsford Athletics                                                                                  This weekend I am off to Chelmsford with Milton Keynes for the Southern men’s league where I am throwing, hurdling and maybe running the 4×400 which will be used as my lactic session for the week. I’ll keep you posted on how I am getting on. Follow me on Twitter and Insta with @daltshj.Back to Hard Work


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