My First Decathlon For Six Years

Last weekend I competed in my first decathlon in 6 years.  I made the journey down to Glastonbury on Friday evening and checked in to the Premier Inn which was about 2.5 miles away from the track at Millfield school.  Millfield school is a private school with some amazing sports facilities including the track I competed on.

Day one consisted of getting up at 8 AM  and down for breakfast at 8:30 AM, to be at the track for 10 AM and start warming up by 10:30 AM. First event which was the 100m was at 11.30 AM. I was given a false start, which I thought was dubious, but hey you get on with it. It just meant I had to sit in the blocks and ensure I got points on the board. Not surprisingly was last out the blocks and I ran 11.35 sec. Long jump and Shot were next which were not the greatest. Then came High jump and the 400m which I felt I was way behind on my performance for both. I ended day 1 on just over 3000 points.

I followed the same morning routine on day two as on day one, though this time my first event was at  11.10 AM.  My hurdles were terrible but I couldn’t let it get to me.  Next was discus which was much better than a couple of weeks ago and I threw a PB.  Next we started warming up for pole vault at 2PM but I didn’t jump till 4PM.  A terrible vault left me way off the mark. I need to learn to manage that warm up better.  Javelin followed and this was OK with a  seasons best.  Then came the 1500.  I felt OK for the first two laps and then my calves decided to just seize up on me.  I completed the event but my time was no where near what I am capable of.

My first decathlon in six years in complete and I got through the two days without injury On the positive side a PB in discuss and a seasons best in javelin were encouraging. What’s needed now is to get back to some hard training to gain consistency across  all ten events in preparation for the next one.


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