Learning About My Body

Since November 2016 I have had a few issues with my lower legs, particularly in my calves. Six months later following a trip to a specialist i have found out that it’s not the muscles themselves that are the issue but the biomechanics from my feet to my hips.

The issue is that my feet, tibia and knees are not working together as they should.  It’s caused by tightness in my feet, my hips being slightly out of line and a little bit of tightness in my back.

Because my lower limbs are not functioning like they should this is causing the fascia around my shins to pull against the shins which is causing the calf muscles to tighten to try and protect the bone itself.

The body does amazing things and sometimes seeing a specialist can help massively. Its early days at the moment but hopefully we have got to the bottom of the problem and now we can start rectifying it.


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