Gym Training

I have had a few people ask me about my gym training and the exercises that I incorporate into my sessions. Currently my programme is strength, power, strength as we are now getting into competition season. I have three sessions with six different exercises in each. Here are some of the exercises and why I do them.

Jav Lunge

The first exercise is a Jav lunge which is basically a side lunge with a weighted bar on your shoulders. I have just started doing this to help improve the strength and power in my adductors to help improve my Javelin throws. I do 5 sets of 5 on this and I try to increase the weight each time I do it.

Box Squat

Next is the Box squat, there are two types. One where you squat so the box hits your bum, or the way demonstrated in the video where you sit on the box with your feet 6 inches off the floor with a weighted bar and really power up quickly. Once again I try to increase the weight every time I do this exercise. I do this for speed, power and explosiveness which will help me in all events. Same as before 5 sets of 5.


My next exercise will be well known to many which is the deadlift. Always do this with a deadlift trap bar as its much safer. With this exercise, I am trying to lift as heavy a weight as possible and as quickly as I can. This will help with speed and power for all events.  Try and increase the weight each time you do it. Once again do 5 sets of 5

Deep Squat

The last exercise is a deep squat. You need to go down low and really drive up. I do this again for speed and power which I need for all events. Once again, I try and increase the weight every time I do this exercise. 5 sets of 5 for this as well.

Try throwing in these exercises as part of your routine for 6 weeks and see if you notice the difference with your speed and power. Rest between each set and exercise for around 2 mins. Remember we’re trying to improve strength and power. Below are videos of the exercises talked about. Feel free to get in touch for other exercises and training advice.  Remember to be safe at all times when training with weights  and don’t over do it!



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