Weight Training Vs Cardio Training

As I was training last Friday on my new weights programme of Power, Strength, Power I had a thought to myself and wondered how many people combine weight training and cardio together?

Athletes are always looking at different ways to improve aspects of strength, power, speed, endurance etc.… My training consists of weights, running sessions, core, and technical. For me weight training is vital, not because I am looking to get ripped but because it gives me all the explosive combinations needed for the events that I do.

When I do weight training I look at using all the different muscle groups that I will use throughout a decathlon. I aim to combine upper body with lower body. I was doing a little research online and came across this article from Scott Laidler in the Telegraph “What’s better for fat loss: Weight lifting or cardio?”. As he says there is a raging debate within the fitness world. It’s a great article and well worth a read.

I think your training needs to fit your goals and objective.  My goal is to become the best decathlete I can. Which means I need to increase my strength, speed, endurance and flexibility. The consequence of all my training is that I am building lean muscle mass and reducing the amount of fat that I carry!

But everyone is diffHarry Blog 3 pic 3erent so our bodies react differently to all types of training. One person may be able to lift heavy weights but not run very quickly, someone else will be totally the opposite and there will be variations between extremes. My training regime is a good combination of both weights and cardio. Make sure you try different approaches and always change your weights programme every 6 weeks otherwise your muscles become used to the exercises that you are doing and your improvements will start to drop off, so mix things up regularly.

I would love to hear some of your thoughts on what types of training you do and for how long? Here is a little video of an exercise for power upper body. Try throwing it in with some of your upper body lifts.


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